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Helix Brawl


Environmental & Character Programmer

  • Created multiple enemy types such as snipers and shielded combatants

  • Created multiple environmental traps/enemies such as turrets and electrical walls

  • Worked on UI and ability interactions

Unfortunately as this was a college project I no longer have access to any development files.


In a race for supremacy, the government seeks to achieve global invincibility through total military power. Seen as ‘expendable resources’ civilians convicted of even minor crimes have been forcibly ‘volunteered’ into a program designed to make the ultimate soldiers. Through genetic splicing and the introduction of animal attributes, they hope to create perfect living weapons which are completely adaptable in battle.

Play as Knox, an innocent man who's been forcibly entered into this program who now wants revenge for what he's become. He’s prepared to go through the entire chain of command, regardless of the moral compromises necessary, just so he can take up his ‘complaints’ with the head of this operation in person. Not to mention, leave a wake of destruction behind him!




Action Beat em' Up Sidescroller


PC with Controller Support

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