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Andrew E. Morriss

UI/UX & Game Designer

About Me

Hello, I’m Andrew, I’m a UI/UX designer with skills in many areas from user research to wireframing/prototyping. I’ve recently completed the UI/UX course at UMass and am looking to break into the industry. I’m a detail oriented individual that is well versed in design tools such as Figma and Adobe Illustrator. With my previous experience in game design and development I can bring a unique blend of creativity and user-centric design into my work. I’ve helped design user interfaces for games while in college with one of the games being published on Steam. This past experience also gives me the knowledge I need to work with others collaboratively and the ability to focus my designs for the users who will interact with them. My ability to work with others and communicate ideas in a clear and concise manner also helps foster this effective collaboration. I believe through research, data insights, and past experiences I can create designs backed by solid user feedback that perfectly align with the goals of a business. I’m looking to connect with anyone in the industry and I would love to talk about user interface design related work!


Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Media Design


Advanced: Figma, Miro, Unreal Engine, HTML, CSS, Unity 3D
Proficient: Plastic SCM, GitHub, Photoshop,  Database Management

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